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About Fusion People: “Finding the right people; making a real difference”

Want to find out more about Fusion People? Operating here in Australia since 2005, Fusion People is an international group of recruitment companies headquartered in the UK.

We offer specialist expertise within core markets of the built environment; from construction contracting, property, and engineering consultancy.

Our specialist sectors include:

  • Construction Build
  • Construction Civil
  • Trades & Labour
  • Consulting Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Project Management
  • Property
  • Health & Safety
Global Candidates on our Database
Consultants Across the Globe
More than 3000 workers paid each week

We’ve been successful in servicing clients across Australia and New Zealand because we focus on people and personalities, rather than recruiting-by-numbers.

It sounds obvious but people really are at the heart of everything we do, and this business is all about people. We’re all about finding exactly the job and the right people for you, your projects and your organisation. Being part of an international group of companies means we can mix global reach while providing a localized, personal service.

We know our markets inside-out; while we have experienced, expert consultants here on the ground, we can also draw on the resources and experiences of the entire group, providing you with a unique depth of recruitment know-how.

Our aim is to devise bespoke, innovative approaches to help you reach, the best opportunities and the most talented people to enrich your success and profitability.

We also pride ourselves on our own staff retention, which sets us apart in an industry where high staff turnover is more ‘the norm’. But thinking about it: if we can’t choose the right people for our own business, why should we be any better at finding the right ones for our clients? Thankfully we’re good at both.

With the backing of a group operating across the globe, local on-the-ground experience and a genuine passion for what we do, we believe our people-orientated approach delivers opportunities and people to match your needs; because in our experience, the right people will make a real difference to any business.

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