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Does the way you layout your CV really matter?

Will an employer really judge you based upon the font you used or the information you gave about your last job?

The short answer is yes.

The rise of email, job boards and automated processes has meant it has never been easier to find and apply for a new job. But for employers, this has meant that the volume of applications they can expect to receive has risen dramatically. Apply for an Administration role in the heart of Sydney and you may be one of several hundred applicants…

As a jobseeker, your CV will be given only a matter of a few seconds of attention. And if you fail to highlight your strengths and achievements in those moments, you will lose out.

Layout & Profile

Each section of your CV should sell you, demonstrating not only your skills and experience but why, above all else, you are right match for the job.

A profile should be an exciting and enthusiastic few sentences highlighting your key skills and career objectives and make the employer want to read more.


This should include dates, institution names, exams passed with grades, professional qualifications and training courses undertaken.


Interests show employers what motivates you, what personal skills you may have and how well you will fit within the team. Job adverts stipulate certain personality traits required for positions. You should identify what these are and show how your hobbies relate to their requirements.

At Fusion People, we’ve worked with employers over the years to ensure the CVs we put forward are as efficient as possible – it’s in our interests to do so. What is outlined below is the format we believe is the most efficient and should give you the best chance of getting your foot in the door; the rest is up to you!

Professional Experience

Start with your most recent job and work backwards. Headings for each position should include dates, company name and job titles. Provide a list of the key responsibilities and achievements and detail the skills you have gained and how you have demonstrated this.

Key Skills

You should display five important skill areas and include examples of how you have demonstrated these. Ensure these are always relevant to the job advertised.


Include a professional and personal referee or state references available on request.

Working on contract for Fusion People

Contract Confirmation

When you begin your contract assignment with Fusion People, details of the contract along with a starter pack will be sent to you confirming the rate of pay and the relevant contact at the client.

In setting contractor guidelines, we recommend you familiarise yourself with the terms of the contract and all accompanying details, returning any documents required prior to start of your assignment.

In order to ensure you receive accurate and prompt payment, please make yourself familiar with our procedures.


Payment is made only on receipt of the top two copies (delete) of the provided timesheet, duly dated and signed by a representative of the client. To avoid delays in receiving pay, please ensure you complete your timesheet correctly and attach any additional paperwork to the timesheet.

Expenses will only be payable where written approval has been obtained from the client and a signed expense claim form has been received along with ALL supporting receipts. Payroll is weekly with all timesheets due BEFORE 1pm Monday (Sydney) Time. This will enable processing and prompt payment into your bank account same week.

Method of Payment

A payroll form with your bank account details, Tax File Declaration (TFN) and Super Choice should be completed and sent in to our Accounts Department prior to your assignment commencement date .

Your payslip is computed automatically and will be emailed to you each week. Your monies will be paid directly into your bank account via EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) , a fast efficient system, dispensing with the need for cheques. You can expect payment by Friday of the same week your timesheet has been processed; meaning a correctly completed timesheet received by mail on a Monday will be processed that same day and the money cleared into your account by Friday.

Before payment can be processed we require:

  • Registration forms
  • TFN Declaration
  • Super Choice

Please ensure these are sent to us with your first timesheet.

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